Tuesday, November 15, 2005


My computer has been to the computer doctor. It has been updated and de-fragged. The spies and cookies have been taken care of. Because I no longer have DSL, I take my computer to town for Ernie (my computer hero) to use his internet connection to take care of my computer. It is good to know a man with connections.

Yesterday, I went shopping in WF with Patty (Ernie’s wife, Sara’s mother, and my good friend.)We hit the mall early and shopped till we dropped. Patty’s son is getting married in January – so we were looking for a "mother of the groom" dress. Shopping is always fun, but being with Patty was especially fun. We had a nice lunch at On the Border. When we tried to divide our bill, things got confused, and we got tickled. Both of us are married to accountants, and there we were struggling with the money. What is it about women and dinner tabs?

By the time I got home, I was worn out from all the walking and shopping. Once again Jesse had dinner ready – yeha! She had taken my car to Lawton earlier in the day to have the oil changed and to do a little shopping herself. Her latest project is a baby quilt for one of her girl friend’s new babies. Chris (the father of the new baby) recently got his pilot’s license so Jesse is making an airplane quilt.

Jesse also started working with the Duncan Little Theater doing some set designs. The latest play is called "Forever Plaid". Jesse painted several large backdrops to look like plaid. Some how she even had me painting with her. The man in charge of the sets is Ian from Australia (he works for Haliburton). He seems like a nice man, but he and Jesse have difficulties in communication. The man may be speaking English, but he says things in odd ways. He also explains how to do things in great detail – things like swinging a hammer. Of course, Jesse can do all sorts of construction things, and it makes her a little miffed when Ian explains simple things. But she got free tickets to the play on Friday night and had a blast. All is good.

We put more stucco on the house this weekend. No one got shot with the stucco gun although Jesse did drop a large blob of mud in my eye (my fault for working under her). She, of course, said, "Here’s mud in your eye." We did not get the stucco finished. Bo was not able to help us due to his hurt knee. It seems that there may be some torn cartilage floating around in his knee causing swelling and pain. You know me, I thought he could have helped anyway. Surely he could have used a trowel or mixed mud.

It reminded me of my good friend, Lynda Donnithorne. Whenever one of us would say we could not do something, the other would say, "A real cowgirl could do that." When I came off my new horse, she asked me if I had gotten back on. I told her no. She said, "A real cowgirl…" When I asked her to pull her big gooseneck trailer into our pasture, she said she did not think she could maneuver it through the gate. I said, "A real cowgirl…" Usually, we would laugh when the other said this, but there was definitely a competitive sprit between us pushing us to do better or try harder. Lynda was a real cowgirl and a good friend.

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