Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The Office

Toby asked me to come by his office yesterday because they were dressing up their supervisors for Halloween. He promised to take me to lunch, but he thought I might enjoy seeing the costumes. Jesse and I had dressed Toby as a "gangsta" or a gang member, as some would say. He wore baggy carpenter pants - he sagged them way down and had his boxers showing. he had a chain on his belt loop and an earring in his hear (diamond stuck with fingernail polish). He wore a flannel shirt buttoned up to the top and a toboggan. He was cool. I passed several people at the office who told me that Toby had been showing his underwear, and they loved his earring - was it real!? People got a real kick out of Toby dressing up as a homeboy.

His office workers divided up into teams and drew names of the supervisors. Toby's team drew Alan- who is a pretty good size man. They put him in a hospital gown, bandaged his head, speared some fake blood, and handed him a jar with a pea in it - representing his brain. He was a brain doner. Someone made a fake butt out of styrofoam which they attached to Alan's butt. He looked great with his fake butt hanging out of the hospital gown. What was really funny was the comments by all of the accountants at the office who are dry, shy, and typical accountants. One lady said, "Nice butt" and then turned bright red realizing how that sounded. Another accountant pointed out that he was "all boodie and no brain". They all had a good laugh, but nobody laughed as much as Toby.

The other supervisors were dressed as a large pumpkin (costume from a store), a cowboy (pretty generic), a chicken (made from a cardboard box - kind of neat), and a table (another box with her head through the box as if it were on a platter on the table - very inventive), and of course the brain doner. There was then a contest for the best costume. Although the brain doner got most of the laughs, the chicken won. Silly people! I did not vote, but I did get Toby to take me to lunch - yes, in his gangsta outfit.

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