Monday, October 31, 2005


One thing that I inherited from my grandma, Essie, was her straight, healthy teeth. At 67 years old, she still had all of her own teeth, and they were perfect. The nurses who took care of her in the hospital were constantly trying to take her teeth, but she would explain that they were her own – not false. Even then, the nurses did not believe her. My teeth are like that too. I had my first cavity last year.

When I turned 18 and my wisdom teeth started coming in, they began to push the other teeth forward. My dentist said he would take the wisdom teeth out and all would be fine. He was wrong. Within a year my front teeth were lapping over each other. Through the years they just got worse crowding other teeth also. When "Lord of the Rings" came out, I realized my teeth were looking much like orc teeth. It was time for a change. Since then, I have been wearing aligners – hard plastic molds that fit on my teeth and slowly rearrange them. Today, I will have my teeth filed a little, and that should be the end of the aligners. I will have to wear them at night as retainers, but I am finished straightening my teeth. Yeha!

This weekend we only went to church camp for one day. I played about 6 games of volleyball (playing to 21 for some reason), and followed my grandbaby around – two things I love. Lizzie loved her freedom. She played in the sand, she slid down the slide, and she ran free in the large fields following her Tia Jesse. I don’t know about her, but I was worn out at the end of the day. Sunday was a nice quiet day recovering from the volleyball. Lizzie came over, and we played some more. Jesse did not get home until after dark. She was super tired, but had time to dress her father up for the office Halloween party. If you are wondering why we did not work on the house, well, the cement mixer broke down. I guess Jesse and I can put back the missing parts now that we had a great weekend.

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