Friday, December 09, 2005


My little brother called yesterday to say that he had two tickets to see the group Chicago in concert. A buddy of his had won them by calling into a radio station. He gave them to Pete, and Pete was offering them to me. I had wanted to go to this concert, but Toby is not a big Chicago fan. Lindsay (Jesse’s friend) and I had discussed how we both liked Chicago while everyone else around us just groaned. When I asked Toby if he wanted to go, he still groaned. Lindsay happened to be here at art when Pete called. She was waving her hand hollering "Pick me!" So I handed over my chance to go to the concert to Lindsay and Jesse. They managed to transform themselves from grungy art students to beautiful babes and head to WF in time for the concert. I was very jealous as they drove off in Jesse’s Scion. Another great adventure! I guess I will just put on my Chicago Christmas CD. Maybe I will put some socks on my ears and just hang here at the house.

Actually, having my art girls here was quite wonderful. I love art, and I love being with my girls. Last night, I loved just being home with my husband – and yes, watching "Survivor".

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inpassing said...

Hmmm...socks on ears...sounds like a familar routine!!