Monday, December 12, 2005

To the City

Bo is having knee surgery today in the City. It is not too serious – just some cleaning out of the trash that has been causing his knee to swell lately. Jesse is going to baby-sit Lizzie while I go to the hospital with Sara. We are picking up Sara’s mother on the way. She is going to baby-sit me.

Did I tell you that we have six puppies? They are basically cow dogs – border collie/ Australian shepherds. They are all spotted black and white. They were born Thanksgiving weekend and just now have their eyes open. Jesse brought them all in the house the other night so that we each had two puppies to play with. As they warmed up in the house, they began to stretch and roll onto their backs to sleep. Jesse squealed like a little girl while they squirmed in her arms. She had to lay down in the floor and just let them crawl on her. I am not much better. Puppies are just pretty cute.

Mom headed off to the mountains with one of her buddies. She will get to see all of her friends there. I think this will be a great time for her. The mountains are a great place for healing, but don’t forget who our real mountain is.

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