Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Knee Surgery

Bo’s knee surgery went off without any problems. The doctor cut out the junk in Bo’s knee and gave him something to make everything feel good. Although the doctor said Bo could eat whatever he wanted after surgery, he recommended food that was not too spicy. After not eating all day, Sara gave Bo a baked potato for supper. The rest of us ordered a pizza. Sara would not let Bo have any, which made me laugh. I did feel a little sorry for Bo and even thought about sneaking him a piece. The truth is that I know nothing about medicine and doctors. Baggett’s do not go to doctors unless absolutely necessary. Sara’s family is much more knowledgeable about such stuff. We often call Sara’s mom "Dr. Patty" because she is so good at doctor stuff. She took charge of Bo’s medication and even called the pharmacist when we were unsure of how much pain meds he could take. I would never have thought to do that. She wrote down questions for Sara to ask the doctor when she talks to him – smart stuff.

Me, well, I was just there to visit with my son and play with my grandbaby. Jesse and I rolled around in the floor "rastling" with Lizzie entertaining Bo who was propped up in the bed with his leg iced and raised appropriately. We discussed the "Survivor" ending and books that we were reading. It was a nice visit. I probably would have fed him pizza. After all, he was raised on Mexican food – the hotter the better. What would a little pizza do? With my luck, the pizza would have made him sick. I am glad he is married, and his wife can make those decisions. She takes good care of him and my grandbaby. A good wife is a good thing – a blessing from the Lord. I had that thought several times yesterday as I watched Sara fret over Bo. He is one blessed man.

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