Thursday, December 29, 2005


Mom came up yesterday bringing my cousin Danny and his family. The last time that we were able to spend anytime with him was at Bo’s wedding. His little family is just precious. His son, Joseph, sang the "Twelve Days of Gym Class" – pretty good for a five-year-old to remember all the words. His little sister, Kaitlyn, reminded me of Jesse at that age (two year old) with her dark curly hair and ornery ways. In fact, Kaitlyn began demanding lunch when she got hungry. She mentioned it several times as we drove to the restaurant although we told her we were going to feed her soon. Jesse is the same way when she gets hungry (a little grumpy and demanding, but all better after eating). Mom seemed to really enjoy Danny’s family. I think Danny is just pretty special to think of Mom and make a special effort to come see her.

Kaitlyn really liked the puppies. She wanted to hold two at a time rather than the one that her mother insisted was enough. Joseph said the puppies were cute, but he did not seem too interested. We have now given away all of the puppies. Of course, we still have the puppy that Mom will take when it gets a little bigger. They certainly went fast after Jesse made a poster and placed it at the truck stop down the road. Maybe we should go into the puppy business. Not!

Seeing family and friends over the holidays has been very nice. There are always the same questions. What is Jesse doing? Does she have a special boy friend? Why not? What are her plans? The answers are: She has two sets of house plans she is currently working on. No, she does not have a "regular" job. No, she does not have a special boyfriend. Only God knows why. Only God knows the future. You are right; she is a pretty girl, and very special, and a real sweetheart. And if your dog bites her again, she will fix the problem for you.

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