Friday, December 30, 2005

Windy Friday

I am headed into the wind today. Mom and I are going to go through some things at her house. It should be a good day - just Mom and me. Yesterday was her birthday, and her nephew, Ted, took her to eat at the Country Club. He is a good guy - it was his birthday too.

I had a talk with the paratrooper concerning dating. Yes, I managed to keep it simple (didn't want to scare him). He did really well. In fact, I think he liked the idea of being friends, keeping your heart pure, having fun together without the pressures of "dating"...He really seems to be a nice kid. He has actually been to our church three times and to some of the "young people gatherings". He said they (the young people) seem to really enjoy each other, and he liked that. He also said that he had been a part of other youth groups, but that he realized something was "different" with ours when one of the guys used "courting" and not the word "dating". He has not questioned the whole courting thing, but he has not run the other way. Hey! He keeps coming back for more. Maybe we are not so scary after all.

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