Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year Day

Happy New Year to all! We got lots done around here on Saturday including some fence mending and some hay hauling to friends. The hay hauling was an act of love to friends who need hay for their horses, but do not have the means to haul it easily. The fence fixin was work, but we are one step closer to having the job done and an end to an era in our lives (the Morgan place).

We got home in time for Jesse to dress for the New Year’s costume party. She dressed as a person on a safari. Bo and Sara dressed as Hawk-eye Pierce and Hot Lips from MASH. The paratrooper dressed as a paratrooper. Actually, he had been working on some sort of camouflaged outfit, but it did not work out at the last minute. They all went to the party together and had lots of fun. Another couple went as King Cong and his woman. Someone took a great picture of Jesse standing over King Cong with her foot propped on him holding a toy gun – pretty silly.

Toby and I stayed home and kept the grand baby (who was grand). She sleeps through the night and wakes up so sweetly. We sat her in bed with us while we drank our coffee and threw dog treats to Ranger. She was quite enjoyable. Later, while trying to eat breakfast and get ready for church, we let her play in the dryer. (Don’t tell her mother.) Lizzie would climb in the dryer and make cat noises. Then squeal and giggle when Toby and I would "find her". She wanted us to put Ranger in the dryer with her – which we did although Ranger was not thrilled. She was just pretty cute sitting in the dryer giggling. What is it about cubby holes that kids just love?

We made it to church on time with Lizzie and all her stuff. After church we went with Sara and Bo and the Adkins and the paratrooper to eat pizza. The wind kicked up to 35 plus mph winds making outdoor activities no fun. The paratrooper heads off to NC tomorrow. It was nice to have him around. After lunch, we came home to have a nap – grandbabies can make you a little tired.

Jesse starts a new job this week working at Celebration Frames which is an art gallery, frame shop and coffee house. It should be a good job for her. The new year started off quietly, but very enjoyable. I hope that is a sign for the rest of the year.

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Bo said...

No more playing in the dryer.