Tuesday, January 03, 2006


The holidays are over. Toby went back to work today. Jesse starts her new job, and I need to do some grocery shopping. As in each New Year, I need to get serious about my diet and exercise program (the story of my life). Resolutions! I hate to make them and break them, but it is a good time to evaluate life and things and see what needs improvement. I would like to be more organized. I would like to be thinner. I would like to spend more time with friends. I would like to paint more. I would like for this house to be finished (sort of falls under the "organization" heading). I would like to love like God loves. All of these are attainable goals. Maybe writing them down will help.

We did get the fence finished yesterday. It was such a good feeling to have that behind us. It encourages me to get more things done. We have had such warm weather this winter that you would think that we would get more done around here. It is that wind that has been the enemy. It is enough to make a person mad. It is also very dangerous with the drought conditions. The wind is not encouraging (excuses, excuses).

I did hear from an old friend yesterday. It was an interesting conversation. She had called to see how I was doing since Dad's death (very thoughtful of her), but she seemed to have someone else in the room that she was talking to and she yelled at her dog a few times. It was like having a conversation with someone who has turrets. "I am really sorry to hear about your dad. STOP IT! STOP IT! I know you will will miss him." At one point she said good-bye, but apparently was not talking to me because she then continued to talk. It was confusing and crazy, but it gave me a good laugh. What was that about wanting to spend more time with friends?

I am glad the holidays are over. I am ready to move on. I feel like it is time for some changes. Hold me to it!

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