Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Funny Girl

Uncle Pete thinks his niece, Jesse, just about hung the moon. He got pretty tickled when she compared shopping with Grandma and her friend to herding cats. In fact, Pete thinks Jesse is just so smart, so funny and so pretty – so why does she not have a gazillion guys chasing her? Although we have explained to Pete that we don’t want a gazillion guys – she is waiting on the right guy, he constantly thinks he should help out by introducing her to young men from his church (this has yet to happen, but discussed much). Lately, he has been looking for her a job too. Yesterday he set her up to talk to an architect friend of his who might be looking for a drafter. Jesse met with this guy earlier in the day. When we got to Pete’s house later, he began quizzing her on how her interview went. Pete said, "Where you the fun, smart Jesse or where you the serious, shy Jesse?" (He wants her to show off her personality.) At one point, she said, " You know, Pete, some people don’t think I am very smart." Then she explained that in her classes people often thought she was just a silly girl - until they got back their test scores (Jesse has a 4 point in her college classes). Debbie, Pete’s wife, remarked that then they realized that she had personality and was smart too. All of this discussing Jesse’s attributes made me think of how the jeep drivers (young men) in RR used to discuss girls – when discussing a girl who did not have much going for her, they would say, "well, she makes her own clothes." Pete nearly fell off his chair laughing when Jesse piped in, "Hey, I do that too!" So there you are! Jesse is smart, pretty, funny, and she makes her own clothes. If you are wondering why she does not have a gazillion guys, well, we will have to save that for another blog, but don't hold your breath.

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