Monday, December 19, 2005

The Weekend

We had a rather quiet weekend staying home and getting a few things done. I have been trying to paint a few Christmas cards or in this case they may be New Year’s cards. I have also been working on thank you notes. They remind me of my grading papers days when I would rather clean the house than grade papers. One of my fellow artist friends said that most artists are not good at math or spelling. Yeah rite!

We did attend a wedding on Saturday. We got all dressed up and went to a local Baptist church. The Christmas decorations were amazing and beautiful. The wedding itself was dull as dirt and then there was no reception. The whole thing seemed rather cold. Celebrating with your friends and loved ones is a big part of getting married. When Toby and I got married, the preacher told us that he was going to say, " Do ya, do ya? And we were supposed to say Yeah, yeah. Then lets go to the party." That is exactly what we did. People still talk about my wedding reception. Of course, it is not everybody that has Neil Young playing with the local band at the Motherlode in RR (he just happened to be in town and was looking for a party). Seriously, I think that it is important to meet and greet your guests giving them a chance to wish you well. When Jesse gets married, it will be a big celebration!

Today I am headed to WF to see Mom. She got in from her trip to NM where she was the bell of the ball. She said that her friends had so many get-togethers that she could hardly get from one to the next on time. She seemed to have a great time. Hopefully, I will get her set up with email (again) so that she can stay in touch with everyone easier. Yeah rite!

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