Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Very Interesting

About five years ago when we lived on our big ranch in Loco, a family from Big Springs, TX, bought the ranch next to us. At the time, they were building a big, beautiful home, but had not moved in yet. One day they came over to visit bringing their son who was Jesse’s age. He was a tall skinny kid with a mop of red/blonde hair. They rode four-wheelers that day, but I don’t remember seeing him again after that. We would see his parents from time to time, and they told us that he had joined the Army and become a paratrooper.

Last night a big white truck pulled up outside the house and a young man stepped out. He was about 6’5" with a military haircut. It was the Simon’s son all grown up. Apparently he was home on leave, had been in Afghanistan, and was now stationed at Ft. Bragg. Because he had not gone to school here and had not really lived here, he did not know many people – especially ones his age. His parents had suggested he call Jesse (she has impressed someone). So, he came over and stayed most of the evening.

He had great pictures of his time in Afghanistan and good stories too. He seemed like a nice kid and fairly brave to show up at the Baggett household not knowing what to expect. I am not sure how impressed Jesse was. She is certainly a tough nut to crack (could be one of the reasons she does not have a gazillion guys). She managed to smile and laugh at all the appropriate places and even said "fantastic" a few times. Actually, she was great – especially for someone who was a little freaked out.

We brought the puppies in to show off and take pictures (Toby has a dirty Santa game to play today at work – we needed a puppy gift certificate). Travis mentioned that he once had a blue heeler dog that was "probably smarter than I was". Jesse’s eyebrow went up, but she managed not to give a smart aleck reply. I was very proud of her. I figure we will probably see more of Travis before he leaves next week. Could be interesting.

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