Monday, January 09, 2006


Toby turned forty-nine over the weekend. His sister called and said it was his last good year. His mother sent him fifty dollars – so we went to WF to spend it. We were suppose to have a big day shopping and running errands, but the day just seem to get away from us. We did not get to do all the things we wanted before it was time to get back to OK. I had a wedding shower to attend, and then we were invited to dinner at some friend’s house and watch the play-off games. I was late getting to the shower because I did not read the invitation completely. Thinking that I knew where it was being held, I went to the wrong house. Then I had to call my daughter-in-law and admit that I was lost. When I finally got to the shower, everyone was waiting on me to arrive before they started the Bible study part of the shower. All the ladies were sitting quietly in a circle as I walked in – great! Nothing like making a quiet entrance when you have done something stupid! By the time the Bible study part was over, it was time for me to leave and go to the dinner party. The host of the shower wanted me to stay and play one game – I really was having a good time and hated to leave, but time was just going much too fast. Someone at Toby’s office told him that life was like a roll of toilet paper. As you get toward the end of the roll, it just goes faster. It certainly feels that way lately.

We had a birthday dinner for Toby on Sunday after church. The kids were all there, and we cooked steaks out on the grill. As we prayed before the meal, Toby started saying "the Lord’s Prayer" instead of the usual "Barker prayer" or just praying. We tried to follow him, but then he when he got to the "give us this day our daily bread" he became confused and stumbled over the words. Jesse snickered first, and then we all lost it and started laughing. Being Baggetts we all started teasing Toby showing no mercy. Bo (with tears in his eyes as he laughed) said, "What prayer are you trying to say?" I told him it was probably just his age that caused him to not remember the prayer. Jesse was just rolling with laughter. I am sure Sara thought we were all crazy or at least irreverent. But you see, there is a tradition in the Barker family that you better say the prayer right. One time when Craig and I were little, Craig could not remember the prayer at dinner. Dad jerked him up and spanked him right there at the table. Then Dad turned to me and said, "You better be able to say it tomorrow night." You better believe I practiced that prayer all day with lots of anxiety building up. That is why today if someone messes up the prayer, we all hoot and holler – it means he or she gets a spanking or at least a good ribbing.

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