Tuesday, January 10, 2006


While in WF yesterday Mom gave me a letter that she had received from one of Dad’s old buddies. Neil worked with Dad at Tasty Bread company on weekends (Dad drove a bread truck to make ends meet). Neil’s letter was very interesting. People just don’t write letters like they used to. His was two pages of hand-written bits of his life. He said that he would have called, but his hearing was shot – probably from his days in the Korean War which he went on to tell about. Neil wrote about his family and even threw in some politics – my dad would have loved it and written Neil back immediately which is what I will do.

I remember Neil very well. He was a big German man with a very German last name. He had married a tiny Chinese woman and had two big sons, Tai and Tsu. Tsu went to school with my brother and me. He was a huge guy like his father, but very oriental looking. With a name like Tsu (Sue), you would think he would have been pretty tough, but he was a very gentle young man. He played football with my brother and went on to play football for West Point. Tsu died a few years back, but I do not know the details. He always seemed an amazing guy whose life was way too short.

One of my military bloggers is about to come home from Iraq. His last posting is a must read. This guy has a way with words. http://thunder6.typepad.com/ Read and enjoy.

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