Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Jesse Update

Jesse’s job is going well. She seems to like working with Janice, her boss. Janice is the president of the Duncan Art Guild, and she runs a frame shop/art gallery and also sells special coffee. One of Jesse’s jobs is to make coffee every morning for customers to sample. One day, she put in too much coffee, and it went everywhere. She told Janice that she felt like "I Love Lucy". Janice got a real kick out of that rather than being upset. She has also been patient with Jesse when Jesse cuts a mat wrong. I think Jesse is hard enough on herself when she messes up although she usually makes light of it. Jesse likes to do things right the first time. Toby asked her if any hunky guys ever came into the art gallery. The eyebrow came up and a silly laugh came out and she said, "In an art gallery? I don’t think so."

She got her first paycheck yesterday, but she had already spent it last week while staying the night in Edmond with Lindsay. She had to have a new outfit for the wedding shower since she had not packed anything special. When I arrived (late) to the shower, she was sitting there in a new sweater, skirt, and really cute pink high-heels. My eyebrow came up. With her new job, she probably won’t get to go skiing (no snow is a problem too) so she might as well spend some of that money burning a hole in her pocket.

Last night when Toby came home from work, he had two XL T-shirts from the Oklahoma Blood Institute. The OBI gives great shirts when you give blood. He gave one to me saying that he did not actually give blood, but they stuck him twice so they gave him two shirts. Jesse said, "Why didn’t you get one my size? Did you ask them to stick you a third time since you have a daughter too?" Always the clothes hog!

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