Friday, January 13, 2006


We have been watching "Dancing with the Stars". Don’t give me any grief. I know it is a faddish reality TV type show. But hey, I like it. I like seeing guys like Jerry Rice doing the quick step on the dance floor instead of the football field. My favorite contestant is probably George Hamilton who is not that great of a dancer, but he is really entertaining. My least favorite is the rapper dad, P something or other. He is like Frankenstein in gangster clothes. He refuses to wear the dance shoes and then says things like "I’m just doing this for the victims of Katrina" or "I want to show my people in the hood that they can do anything they want". Last night after Mr. P did a little better than last week, but still really bad, he said, "I’m not a professional dancer." No kidding! Isn’t that the point of the show – to put non-professional dancers with professional dancers and let them compete? I was glad when the emcee lady pointed out that none of the contestants were professional dancers. After each dance the emcees interview the couple and ask what they think of their own performance. I nearly fell over when George Hamilton said, "Well, I’m just doing this for my people in the hood" making fun of Mr. P. Then smiled that charming smile he has.

The really best part of the show is just the dancing itself. It would be so great to be able to dance like that. Toby, Jesse, and I are ready to take lessons, but where in OK can you do that? Jesse and I danced around the house after the show taking turns dipping each other. We did a pretty good quick step, but our rumba needed lots of work. Last week, Toby and I danced down the aisle at Home Depot – the smooth flooring and wide aisles made a good dance floor. The checkout lady got a good laugh. She told us they (the employees) dance there all the time. Yeah right!

I’m all for taking lessons. It reminds me of something my sister-in-law once said about her boys (when they were little). "I’m taking them to Karate lessons. When they imitate Karate fighters on TV and kick the stuffing out of each other, they will do it right – that way maybe no one will get hurt." I feel the same way about ballroom dancing – lessons are needed.

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Bo said...

We actually watched that last night too. On our station, there were 2-3 commercials for local dance instruction schools. Did you see the movie "Shall We Dance". If you liked the ballroom dancing, you would like the movie.