Monday, January 16, 2006

The Entertainer

The Grandbaby was here this weekend entertaining us. At church she had her little baby Bible. When she came to the picture of the manger, she found the cow and began mooing. She seems to get louder when her parents try to quiet her. Then she came to the picture of Daniel in the lion’s den – big cat. She began to make her cat noise, which sounds something like a siren. Her parents do not let her sit with me anymore as if I might make her misbehave. I have news for them. It’s not me that causes her behavior (although I guess we could debate that since she seems to be a lot like me). I just tend to think her behavior is funny. I see her other grandmother laughing too – so it is not just me. In fact, I saw several people snickering as Lizzie marched down the aisle with her diaper - headed to the nursery.

Tia Jess took some great pictures of Lizzie and the puppy. You can't take a bad picture with those two models. Jesse has also taught Lizzie to box. When she comes at you with her little dukes, she is just pretty funny - and a little bit mean. The dog has a healthy respect for her and the puppy is learning quickly. The cat shows no fear and actually boxed Lizzie back. Everyone learns their place.

I am headed to WF today to do some paper work with Mom. Just the thought of insurance and taxes makes my eyes roll back in my head. It is a good thing she does not need me to talk futures commodities. With a husband who is a CPA, a brother-in-law who is in insurance, and a brother who is a lawyer, you would think that one of them would handle this sort of thing. But no, they are all willing to let the artist do the paper work. Hopefully, someone will offer to take me to lunch.

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OPB said...

Since your other brother is a toilet paper salesman, the artisit seems like the best choice.