Saturday, January 21, 2006


Toby andI babysat last night for our grand-daughter and her two cousins while the parents and other grandparents all went to the rehearsal dinner. Patty gave me a card before she left, and I assumed it was a thank you note and stuck it in my purse. This morning at the breakfast table, I opened the card to find a fifty dollar gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse (does she know me or what). Jesse's mind began to click and wheels turn figureing out when "we" could go and what "we" could eat. I pointed out that she went to the rehearsal dinner, therefore; her dinner had already been bought. Since she did not babysit, why would she get to go to Outback? Without missing a beat, her tuned changed pretty quick. She started by saying she only got baked chicken. Then she pointed out that we should not accept the gift certificate since Ernie does so much computer work for us. She continued on how we should only babysit out of love (like we have told her). "Okay, Okay, I give in; we will take you too!" Could I deny her anything?

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