Friday, February 24, 2006

Dinner Table Conversation

This is a conversation that took place while eating dinner. It was all said very deadpan - matter of factly with slight pauses between sentences for eating purposes.

Jesse: My boss's brother came into work today. He was a moron. I can't believe he is even realated to her. He may be out of work right now. He was there to help out. He had a younger guy with him also. I think he liked me.

Toby's head came up at this point, and he said: What makes you think that?

Jesse: He was a moron too.


the friendly neighborhood piper said...

i assume a definition of "like" would be in order here...i like Jesse, i like you, i like Toby. Staying within Jesse's paradigm of "like" i'm a moron.

OPB said...

There is no better one liners then a Jesse or Toby one liner