Saturday, February 25, 2006

Another oneliner

This conversation took place this morning at Denny's. Toby was talking this time and telling us about work. He told us how his new cubicle had a special shelf for his computer keyboard that pulled out from under his desk. He told us that he had to lower his chair as far as it would go in order to reach the keyboard comfortably. Later in the day, he came into his cubicle forgetting that the chair was so low and practically fell into the chair nearly toppling it over (he did this elaborate swinging of his arms and falling backwards during this part of the conversation). Of course, Jesse and I laughed at his story. Then Jesse said, "Now you know how we feel when you leave the toilet seat up at night."


Buck Pennington said...

That's funny!

At the risk of inciting a riot, why can't women learn to check the seat as a matter of course? Since I live alone these days, my toilet seat is up more often than down. And I don't recall EVER having taken that short "drop" because I failed to notice the seat was up. And I've never had to do an impromptu clean-up because it was down, either!

Just sayin'... :-)

Bag Blog said...

If it is a "guy thing" to leave the seat up, it is a "girl thing" to not check for it - especially at night. What makes a woman so picky about public toilet seats, but just plop down in their own home bathroom? Can't explain it.