Monday, February 27, 2006

Just an Athlete

I like Bode Miller. I enjoy watching him ski. It does not bother me that he did not get a medal. He is entertaining. He is not my hero – he is an athlete. I don’t think he deserves the bashing he is getting from the MSM. I think the press is a bunch of manipulating liars trying to get a jump on the "Big Story". When that does not go their way, they have to bash someone making them the big story anyway they can. I am tired of TV people telling me whom I am suppose to like and whom not to like. The NBC sports coverage of the Olympics was like a bunch of old biddies trying to stir up gossip at every chance. Why would anyone listen to them?

The MSM seemed to want to make Bode into a hero, but he did not play their game. Bode is a skier, an athlete, a young man, but not necessarily a hero. The MSM would not know a hero if it bit them in the butt.

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Buck Pennington said...

The MSM would not know a hero if it bit them in the butt.

Truer words were never spoken, BB. The MSM is presented with heroes every day in the form of individual and collective acts of heroism coming out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Do we ever hear about them? Rarely, if ever. QED.