Monday, February 20, 2006

Long Weekend

It has been just pretty darn cold in OK this weekend. Due to the ice and cold, we were stuck in the house much of the weekend. Saturday we went to town to buy horse feed and make a run to Wal Mart. Toby is a great driver – he has driven all over Northern NM and Southern CO in snow and ice without any problemas. Me, one winter I slid off the road and down into the trees between RR and Questa. It is a helpless feeling and just scary. In NM, we used to complain about Texas and Okie drivers not knowing how to drive in snow and ice – now I live amongst those drivers. Although Toby drove to town, I was a little nervous. I had just finished telling him that my hiking boots were great for hiking, but not worth a darn on ice, as I stepped out of the truck in the Wal Mart parking lot and landed on my bottom. Don’t worry; I don’t have far to fall, and I am well padded. I am also quick to jump up so that no one sees me rolling around.

Being cooped up in the house made for some quality time together. Thank goodness I had a Baldacci book to read. We also played a few games of farkle and ate a few bowls of popcorn. Being bored tends to make you hungry – so we ate. Toby wanted enchiladas – not exactally on my diet, but who cares on a snowy weekend. Jesse made peanut butter cookies - great. Since OK does not have enough snow to do some cross country skiing and work off all that good cooking, we just watched the Olympics. Jesse finished her quilt that she had been working on for a while now. I was able to get some work done on my upcoming high school reunion. It is funny that Toby can work in an office all day long, but being stuck at home on the weekend makes him a little cagey. I was glad when he went off to work this morning (Halliburton does not celebrate President's Day and they don't have a VP's Day). I am ready for the weather to warm up and things to be back to normal – whatever that is.

Once again, I made myself crazy watching ABC News. They ran a segment about a man in Iraq who used to be "the happiest man in Iraq." Now he is "not so happy" because apparently he does not get as much electricity, does not make as much money, and his son is blind in one eye due to an IED. I am not sure what ABC's point was - does the man want to go back to a cruel dictatorship? Maybe his wife and daughter had never been raped or none of his family had ever been imprisoned for their beliefs...I don't know. Why was this even on the news?

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