Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Smart Cat

Good Morning America had a segment yesterday concerning clean ice at fast food places. It seems that a young girl did a science project where she took ice from several ice machines at fast food chains in FL. She also took water samples from the toilets of the same places. Apparently, she did some sort of test on the water that proved that the ice was dirtier than the toilet water. Then GMA had some expert say that of course the toilet water was cleaner - it came from city water. But the inside of the ice machine is often touched by hands, therefore it is not always clean. Hmmm, was this guy saying that putting a human hand inside an ice machine is dirtier than what humans put in toilets? My other question is where does the water come from that makes the ice? Wouldn't it also come from city water supplies? I am just not buying into this. I can understand how the ice machine might be dirty and therefore put out bacteria in the ice, but I cannot understand how it would be worse than toilet water. Someone explain.

After discussing this with Jesse, she commented that our cat, Felina, must be a smart cat because she chooses to drink out of the toilet rather than the dog's bowl.


Phil said...

I knew that my habit of drinking from the toilet bowl would someday be vindicated!

Bag Blog said...

If you are ever in OK, you don't have to drink out of the toilet; I am sure the dog will share his water bowl.