Monday, February 06, 2006

The Mouse Is Away

Jesse left for CO Saturday morning, and the honeymoon started at the same time. Toby and I drove to Lawton to have breakfast at IHOP and to go to Home Depot. IHOP was tasty. HD was a little crowded to do any dancing in the aisles this time. Also, we bought lumber for the trim work and cabinets. Pushing those orange carts and avoiding other people who are pushing carts means no dancing. We piddled around and did other errands since we did not have to answer to anyone. On our way home, we stopped in to hug and kiss on the grandbaby. Then we headed home for a big ol’ dog nap. You thought I was going to say that we actually worked on the cabinets and trim – hah! Actually, the wind has been blowing, and it has been chilly for doing outside work (excuses…)

We drove Jesse’s car to church – no need in letting it just set there while she is away. I love getting in her little car. The radio is usually set to some sort of rock - and blaring. It is just fun to drive (Scion 5 speed) – makes me feel young and wild. Hmm, I wonder if she feels that way when she drives it.

Speaking of wild, the grandchild came over for lunch on Sunday. She adjusted all knobs within her reach, filled several glasses of water from the cooler, and rearranged the pictures on the frig. When I offered to take her outside to see the horses, she said a new word, "boots". She ran and found her farm-girl boots (just like Tia Jesse). We took a walk on the trail around the pasture. She was wild. I was worn out and glad when they went off to a super bowl party somewhere. Toby and I got in our big chairs, got our chicken wings, and watched the game.

This morning, I did not have to share the coffee or the bathroom with Jesse. I won’t have to report in or check on her either. Right now, I like this empty nest syndrome. By the end of the week, I will probably miss the girl – my partner in crime. I am already looking forward to hearing of her grand adventures.

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