Tuesday, February 07, 2006

We may have winter yet. Last week, Toby told me to get the heavy winter blanket (down comforter from Eddie Bauer bought for living in Northern NM) off of the bed and put the summer quilt on. He was too hot at night with the winter being so warm this year. After two nights under the light quilt, winter comes to OK, and he says, "Put the heavy blanket back on! My hiney is hanging out and freezing." I am sure there was a jab in there somewhere about me and the dog hogging the bed, but now the heavy comforter is back on.

Last night my brain clicked on at about 4:00 am. I flipped and flopped for over an hour trying to get back to sleep. About the time I fell asleep, Toby got up to get ready for work. I got up with him like I usually do, but I told him I was going back to bed when he left. And I did, but he let the cat in and put food out for it. Then the dog and cat crunched their dry food making it impossible to sleep. How much food did he feed them? Was this some sort of evil plot to keep me up? I think I heard him snicker as he left the house, but of course, I could just barely hear with all that crunching from the animals. Now that darn dog is curled up on my pillow snoozing away and the big dog is at work where I cannot kick him.

My granddaughter did some adjusting to the knobs on my sound system so that I cannot play my CDs. With my daughter off on her ski trip, I do not have any technical support for the sound system. I called her in CO and asked her what to do. She snickered (just like her father) and told me to use her computer. Great, I cannot even figure out how to fix the CD player and she wants me to use her computer (I could probably manage, but she is a brave soul for suggesting it). She finally suggested I just turn the TV on and listen to some channel with music. Fine. I knew I would miss her.

Okay, I know I am being whiney. Today is art with the big girls, and that always improves my spirit. Also Ernie worked on my computer, and it is much improved. Plus, he downloaded a program for re-sizing my pictures (I wish that girl was back to help me work it). Maybe soon I will put pictures on my blog.

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