Thursday, February 02, 2006


I have been tagged - something new for me. I don't know if this will work, and my computer needs Dr. Ernie. I hope this posts okay.

4 Jobs You Have Had In Your Life
1. Waitres
2. Studio coordinator at Horchows
3. teacher
4. Cowgirl/ranch-hand
4 Movies You Would Watch Over and Over
1. Cat Ballou
2. Silverado
3. Always
4. Pirates of the Carribean
4 Places you have Lived
1.All over Texas
2.Northern NM
4 TV Shows You Love to Watch
2. Survivor (currently: Dancing w/the Stars)
3. Numbers
4. House
4 Places You Have Been On Vacation
1. A month in Italy
2. Washington DC
3. Grand Canyon,Vegas,Tuscon
4. When you live in a resort town, you don’t go on vacations
4 Websites You Visit Daily
1. Blackfive
2. One Marine’s View
3. Fire and Ice
4. Exile in Portales
4 Favorite Foods
1. Rib-eye med. rare
2. All Mexican foods
3. Most anything Italian
4. Greasy burgers
4 Places You Would Rather Be Right Now
1. Back in Italy (would love to see the Olympics up close and personal).
2. NC to see my cousin return from Iraq
3. Taking an art class with some famous artist
4. Anywhere where the wind is not blowing
4 People to Tag
1. Blestwithsons
2.I’m too new to this blog stuff to make these decisions and make this work
3. My computer is freaking out on me as it is

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