Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Old Dogs Do Learn

Last night Alan, the Computer Guru, came over and gave me some lessons in using my blog better. He showed me some interesting things about links. It only cost me a little roast beef dinner. I wonder what he would do for enchiladas? Maybe he would network my computer to Jesse's. I might have to make dessert for that. Jesse warned him that I would blog about him and probably misquote him - maybe give him credit for something he did not do. Critics! Now I can refer to someone's blog and I will eventually have a "favorite links" list. Alan put Buck on my list as an example for me to follow. I will have to put others on the list on my own.

So what provoked this interest in learning links? After a year of blogging, I was still ignornant. Then Phil asked me to link him at his Militracker News site where he spreads good news about our military. This is a great website and should be earmarked to your favorite's list. If you have come across any good news, you can send it to Phil for him to post. I want to show my support of the troops any way I can - this is just a small way of doing that. With the lack of good news in the MSM, Phil is doing a great job of letting us know what goes on with our military all over the world.

There is still so much for me to learn about computers - bear with me. In the meantime, support our Troops.


Alan said...

A bobcat ran into me on the way home. Knocked him out cold. :O The roast beef was very good. :)

OPB said...

Riddle: How many links can my big sister put into one blog?

Buck Pennington said...

Thanks for the link, BB!