Thursday, March 02, 2006

Wind and Fire

Around noon yesterday the wind kicked up out of the west with temperatures in the low 90’s. Toby and I were having lunch at the park in Duncan, but it was just pretty miserable in the wind. When I took him back to work, we noticed two fires. One was very near Halliburton right in Duncan. The other fire seemed to be north of Duncan – maybe Marlow. There were actually several fires in the Duncan area, but the MSM did not explain that very well. Toby works at one of the many Halliburton buildings on South Hwy 81. It was not evacuated or in any danger, but just a mile east, the Family Dollar Distribution Center was evacuated. The town of Meridian south of Duncan was on fire too.

By 4:00 PM, from my house, I counted at least four different smoke plumes – three to the east of us and one huge on to the west. The huge one to the west was Meridian. The east fires were at an area called Sugar Loaf and Hat Top Ranch which our good friends the Kiblers own. They were evacuated. Their home and barn seemed to be okay last night, but the fate of the deer that they raise was questionable. The fire fighters managed to save the Williams’ home (one of my art students and good friends), but the fire burned right up to their foundation. I heard that their animals were okay. Another fire to the east of us was in Loco area. The whole town of Loco (which is small) was on fire. I know of one friend who lost his house. As of last night some of our other friends were still battling for their homes in Loco.

The Marlow fire was actually started at Terry Dennis’ home (a very good friend). It was reported that an electrical transformer exploded near his home set things on fire. His home was saved. The skirting on his son’s home was burned, but the house was saved. His father’s house was not so lucky.

As we left church at 9:00 PM last night, we could see flames north of Velma. The wind had quieted and these fires seemed to be under control. The ash and smoke were horrible in Velma as we walked to our car. We drove around getting a closer look at the fires, but staying well back and out of the way.

This morning, the news did not tell nearly the whole story. Yesterday’s fires were huge. It was just amazing that there could be that many fires all around us. The MSM is reporting that there has been an arson suspect arrested. I have not heard any news there, but I am thinking the electric company may have some explaining to do. I will find more definite news today – lots of rumors flying right now. Be in prayer for these fire fighters and people who have lost their homes.


inpassing said...

First of all, what is MSM? On to the fires...we were listening on the police scanner last night. They had reported a truck (I believe) that had reports of two suspects supposedly drinking and with Roman Candles in the back of their vehicle that they were looking for. Then later we heard they had one suspected arsonist in custody over the scanner.

Buck Pennington said...

Wow. Sounds pretty scary from here. I caught a little bit, a VERY little bit, about OK fires on the WX Channel, but nothing with the level of detail or significance that you've written, BB.

Stay safe.