Monday, March 20, 2006


It started raining on Friday while I was driving Jesse’s Scion TC to Lawton to have the oil changed and do a few errands. I love driving her little car – as I said before, it just makes me feel young. It is just so sporty compared to my Camry and the gears seem to be tighter or something – easier to shift And yeah, I listened to her music (I’m wild). The rain was light, but the sky was dark all day. On Saturday, the sky opened up and rained steadily all day, then all night, and into Sunday. It has been great!

On Saturday we went to The City to kick around and do some shopping since we could not really get much done here at the house (it’s a farmer thing to go to town when it rains). We made a stop at the BMW motorcycle shop just to look and drool. We ate lunch at a funky little Mexican café – good food. Then we did our kayak shopping. We have been contemplating getting a kayak for about a year. We have stopped and looked (kind of like the motorcycles), but this time we bought one. We have done some canoeing, but not kayaking, so this will be a little new. It is Jesse’s kayak, but you have to understand that her father is in cahoots with her on the boating thing. Me, I am just glad it is not a motorcycle. Golf clubs would be okay. I am not too sure of the rock climbing thing or the scuba diving. Mothers have to give and take here and there. We can’t be fretful or negative all of the time.

The rain poured all day long. Every farmer, rancher, fisherman, and bored soul was at the Bass Pro Shop in The City. Anyone who was not there was probably at the mall which we avoided. The sales men were not so great at the Bass Shop, so we ended up at a Sun and Ski store. They had a sales man who actually kayaked and had lots of advice. He also offered Jesse free lessons (yeah right). Actually, we may take him up on the free lessons, but we will send Lindsay along to make him crazy and keep an eye on him. Of course, we went by to see the Grandbaby. She entertained us and let us watch her Pooh movie.

Sunday morning Jesse got up and stared out the window at our pond. She turned and said, "It didn’t fill up yet." But it rained all day Sunday so maybe it will be full soon. We love the rain and are very thankful for it, but with this kayak sitting in our carport, we will be antsy for a warm sunny day to try it out. I’ll let you know how it goes.


Buck Pennington said...

I thought about all y'all in OK as I watched the rain on the Weather Channel's radar presentation this weekend (it seemed like the entire state of OK was covered with rain), and as I bemoaned the fact that all that rain was at least 100 miles to the east of us here in NM. And then at 8:30 last night the squall line shifted to the west and we got three hours of good, steady rain. Not near enough, but Hey! ya takes what ya gets!

Bag Blog said...

The rain guage in the front yard says almost 4" of rain. I bought steaks to cook out on the grill in celebration of the rain, but the wind was extra horrible. In fact, the TV dish is on the ground this morning.