Friday, March 17, 2006

The Snubbing

After reading about Jessica Simpson’s snubbing the President, I was embarrassed for her – embarrassed that she was from Texas – embarrassed that she was a blonde. I guess it just shows where life in Hollywood will lead you. But it did remind me of another snubbing of a different President.

Back in Clinton’s second term during all of the Monica-gate stuff, my older brother and his wife had been invited to perform at the White House for some Clinton gathering. My older brother is the hippie/liberal/lawyer from Austin. He also managed his wife’s music career, and did entertainment law for penniless musicians. His wife (now his ex-wife) is a popular Hispanic singer from the Austin area – her name is Tish Hinijosa – she sings folk, blues, and country type stuff. I have to admit she really is a good musician although she was not a good wife. Anyway, she was big buddies with Henry Cisneros so she got invited to DC a couple of times to perform.

This time, my brother invited my parents to attend the White House party with them. My dad who is a Yellow Dog Democrat called me to tell me all of this. He was not excited – just mater-of-fact. I was excited even though I am a Republican. I told him he had to go – he could not pass up a chance to see the White House and meet the President. He said that he thought Mom would get too tired. I said, "Are you kidding! She would love it!" I told him, "Dad, it is not every day you get invited to meet the President and see the White House. It’s a chance of a lifetime. DC would be a great place to visit…" I argued till I was blue in the face. Finally, he said, "I may have voted for Clinton, but I don’t like him much." This was pretty much the end of the debate. I did tell him at this point that I did not vote for Clinton, didn’t like him at all, but I would go to the White House party. Dad stood his ground. Funny, my brother did not invite me.

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Buck Pennington said...

Hmmm...being invited to the Clinton White House would have been a real dilemma for me! I can't say if I'd have gone, or not. Too bad your brother didn't invite you!