Thursday, March 16, 2006

Traveling in Style

All is well in Wichita Falls. Mom is getting ready for her trip to Birmingham to see old friends. She has been shopping. Yes, she has been shopping even though I have warned her that she and Nelda will do lots of shopping when they get to Alabama. For Mom's birthday/Christmas present, I gave her a set of luggage to encourage her to travel. It is hard to know what to do with luggage when for years you've only packed in plastic trash bags. You think I am kidding? When our family traveled to NM every summer, we all packed in sacks. When I traveled with Mom and Dad to different doctors around TX, I was horrified that their hang-up clothes were just in the cleaner's bags. I even said that I would bring them a hang-up bag, but they said they had one - they just didn't use it. I figure the airlines would frown on this. I have told her to take one suitcase and check it on the plane. She can check her hang-up bag too, but she needs to take one empty case just to bring back all her new clothes and treasures she buys with Nelda. She just laughs at me.

My mom is a classy lady. She comes from the generation where you dress up to go to the doctor (even though you are going to take your clothes off, and he will never see them). She has whole outfits - things you put togther matching and looking sharp - not the t-shirt and jeans that I would do. She can do that too, though. I have always been impressed with her sense of style. The fact that she is tall and slim and can wear great clothes is my dream and goal in life (okay, I realize that I will never be tall). But when it comes to travel, I am like my dad (not the trash-sack thing). I just want to go with the essentials and travel lightly - jeans, t-shirt, tennis shoes, etc. When Jesse and I traveled to DC a few years ago, we each had one small suitcase and shared a hang-up bag. I thought that was pretty good for nearly a week in DC including a banquet. In fact, I have taught Jesse well. Once, when we were pulling out of the driveway on a long trip. I asked her if she thought she had everything. She said, "I have my money and my underwear. What else do I need?"

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inpassing said... weekend at church camp will show you what happens when a "take everything you might need...just in case" family marries into a "travel light" family.