Monday, April 10, 2006

All Fixed

Doctor Ernie got my computer back to me today. He said it had some serious problems, but that it was all fixed now. It is amazing how much I miss my computer when it is gone or I am gone. It does say something about my life.

I had a great time in WF the other night. Harbor Freight, Sam's Club, and dinner at Johnny Carrinos made for a great evening. Jesse had some girlfriends spend the night. Saturday morning we took Jesse and Kat to IHOP in Lawton for breakfast. We hit a few craft stores and a few motorcycle shops (a little give and take for the hubby). The wind was horrible all day long - in fact, it has hardly let up in days. "Riding the fence" has taken on new meaning. Now you no longer look for broken fence to mend, but you look for trash and household appliances that have been blown across the pasture and up to the fence.

We did take the kayak out on Duncan Lake Sunday afternoon. Sure enough, the wind kicked up while we were there. Jesse said it made her a little sea sick. Toby said the waves were breaking over the front of the kayak. I was sick just standing on the floating docks and chose not to get out on the water. Toby and I did get a little hiking in while we waited on Jesse. The lake has a frisbee golf course. We walked the course, which was a little rough in places, but a nice hike. I will blog more later. I need to catch up on my blog reading too.

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