Friday, April 07, 2006

I am headed to town today to do my errands, which includes a trip to Wal Mart to play the "honey game." Years ago, Toby called his nephew’s house, and his five year-old great-niece answered the phone. When Toby asked her where her father was, she said (in her slow West Texas twang) "He’s at Wal Mart playing the honey game." We could only guess at what that meant, but it sounded great. I will probably make a trip to the used bookstore, the storage unit, have lunch with my honey, and get my hair cut. Later this evening we may make a trip to Wichita Falls. Harbor Freight is calling our name. Maybe I will get a dinner out :)

Oh yeah, I am also taking my computer in to Dr. Ernie. He will check it for viruses, give it some new immunity shots, clean up its cookie mess, and just make it run faster and leap higher. I might be able to do all of that myself, but it would take way too long. Ernie has DSL. He takes good care of us. I probably won’t be online this weekend until I get the puter back. If my grandbaby is in town tomorrow, I will have to make a trip in to see her, and get the computer while I am at it.

The wind was wild yesterday. My TV is still not working – oh well. I started a new Baldacci book. I also got a commission of sorts for some art work. I am working to post some pictures of my art work and the art work of my students (maybe after I get the computer doctored), Who needs TV? I guess I had better go save the world. Have a good weekend.

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