Wednesday, April 26, 2006


If you have not read Michael Fay's latest post, you might want to head over to his blog. He is an artist with the Marines and recently home from Iraq. He has an incredible story and pictures.

The Alamo:
We watched the latest version of "The Alamo" the other night. It has a great list of actors although I cannot say I was impressed with all of the acting. In fact, I cannot say I was impressed with the movie. Maybe I am just a big John Wayne fan, and I like Sam Elliot too, but I did not care for the portrayal of the fighting Texans in this movie. They seemed a bit wishy-washy like they could not decide if they really wanted to fight or not. The movie made it seem like the Alamo was their first battle, and dressed in top hats, they just looked silly. I was afraid they were going to make Davy Crocket’s character a real wimp. Yet, he was able to pull through. I liked him well enough, but why Billy Bob Thorton? Were all the tough men in Hollywood busy at the time or are there just not any tough men anymore? My other big question is why do they always make Texas look like a wasteland. My idea of Texas, especially the San Antonio area, would be lush. And where was the river? The really funny part of the movie was watching the Mexicans march through snow to get to the Alamo. One character tells Travis that he does not think the Mexicans will fight in the winter having to march through snow (then the scene cuts to exactly that). Jesse commented that she thought that would be the perfect time to fight in Texas. Why wait for the heat? I was disappointed in Mr. Ron Howard’s movie.


Laurie said...

I had the honor to meet Michael Fay at the milblog conference. Here's what I wrote after on my personal blog (not the Soldiers' Angels one): Michael Fay - Wow. 1,000 watt smile. And just an energy about him. Oddball sense of humor too.

I have a slight weakness for Marines, as in weak in the knees ;)

Bag Blog said...

Just seeing the small photo on MF's Blog would leave most women weak in the knees. Then he is a Marine and an artist. I wonder if he ballroom dances. That would make him the perfect man.