Thursday, April 27, 2006

Spring Is in the Air

What is it about springtime that makes you want to clean house? Could it be that my house is just so dirty, full of clutter, and needs a good goin’ over that I am beginning to get claustrophobia? It seems that I am not a nest-builder, which is a person who carefully builds her little nest neatly and efficiently. Nope, I am a pack rat or stacker and procrastinator. I have little piles of stuff – art supplies, magazines, books, bills, ironing, etc. Although the piles rather than files work well for me, I get a little crazed after a while. It is time to go through the piles and do some serious sorting.

There is also lots to be done on my little house. Where to begin is the big question. Trim work? Na, that can wait. Patio? Soon maybe. Yard work? Definitely needed and it is the season. Stucco? Oh my aching bones! Barn? Most needed and have the least control over. Cabinets? In my dreams. Closet doors? Who needs them? Fence and gate? Move that way on down the list. All of the ten million things on the list? I guess we will just keep chipping away at it.

The other problem with spring is the great weather. It is the perfect time to be doing all the chores, but it’s also the perfect time for goofing off. Golf or gate? Tennis or barn? Kayaking or closet doors? See the problem. The real problem is that I would rather live life and have fun than be orderly and neat. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on your view) Toby is the same. We both can be talked into fun rather than work in a heartbeat. It will all come together. It is all good. And yet, I feel the need to clean. Someone talk me out of it.


Buck Pennington said...

Wow, sounds like an issue, Lou! Usually, one or the other but not both parties in the relationship lack the motivation to "do what must be done" and would rather go play. On the whole, I think you're a very fortunate woman to have a mate that shares your value system. It could definitely be worse! :-)

There are quite a few cliches about life, brevity of same, fun, etc. You can clean anytime. Go play!

All that said, anytime I hear a reference to "spring cleaning" these days I'm immediately reminded of the spring cleaning ritual the most recent ex-girlfriend had. I won't go into detail, but her spring cleaning took a month (over the course of four weekends) and involved the disassembly and cleaning of every damned room in the house. It was bizarre, to say the least, and was one of the first indicators I had that the relationship was doomed.


Bag Blog said...

Ah, Buck, you make me laugh. And yes, I am fortunate in my marriage.

If your ex-girlfriend had one way and only one way of doing things (like cleaning) you were wise to move on. Those people are interesting for a little while, but will drive you nuts in the long run.

Laurie said...

Ugh! Spring Cleaning.... the key, or so I'm told, is to have a system where you are doing something every day on a rotating basis so nothing ever needs a total overhaul cleaning in spring or any other time. I struggle with this myself. But there is a web site called that has helped me somewhat.