Friday, May 19, 2006

After all of the big Halliburton doings, things have been pretty dull. It is back to the usual. One funny thing did happen to me the other evening. I was headed into town to meet Toby, and I was running late. Highway 7 that runs into Duncan is being repaved - so I have been taking the old highway which is narrow and winding and a longer way to town. Because I was in a hurry and I assumed the road construction was over for the day, I took the new road. It was a mistake. Almost as soon as I pulled on to the highway, I was stuck waiting for the "pilot car follow me". I gnashed my teeth at my stupidity, but settled down for the wait. When you are in a hurray, every minute seems like forever. Eventually the pilot car came along and pulled off the road to let all of the oncoming traffic go by before pulling out in front of the line of cars waiting. The pilot car lead us about a mile and then just stopped. I wondered why - then I saw the lady driver leap out of her pilot car and run into the port-a-potty. The long line of cars waited. A few minutes later, she came leaping out of the potty and back into her pilot car and drove on. That was a first. I don't believe I have ever seen the pilot car stop at the port-a-potty and keep everyone waiting. I guess if you have to go, you have to go.

I also have a bit of a complaint to file. Toby and Jesse have had colds, plus it is allergy season. I stopped at the Wal-Mart pharmacy to purchase some cold/allergy medicine since our supply was depleted. I like Sudafed by day and Drixoral by night. Unfortunately, these are both over the counter drugs that you now have to show ID and sign away your life and first born child in order to purchase. I try to be patient, but it irritates the heck out of me. This time the pharmacist himself waited on me instead of the Wal-Mart clerk. He started off by saying he didn't think he could sell me that much pseudoephedrine. Then he asked me if I had bought any in the last month. He was hem-hawing around. He wouldn't look me in the eyes. He began typing away on his computer as if it had all of the answers. Finally, he said I cannot sell you both; there are laws you know. I told him that I thought he was suppose to take my name, ID, signature, and money letting the police deal with me if they thought I was a crimnal. He said there were new Federal laws governing how many mgs they could sell at a time. What's that suppose to mean - how much they could sell to one person? Per family? Per month? Per week? Per visit to Wal-Mart? I really wanted to ask him for a copy of the law since he was not very clear. I really wanted to scream, but I settled for a sarcastic remark about laws that keep law abiding citizens under control, but do little for the unlawful person. Then the guy got really cold toward me saying it was no different from any other controlled substance. Yeah right! I use to be able to buy it over the counter with no one worrying that I would overdose or misuse the drug. Now, due to meth makers, I am treated like some sort of crimnal. It really irks me. I bought my drugs and went home without any further arguement. Let him think what he wants.

Jesse is going to dinner and movies with her group of friends. I was actually invited, but once they chose the late movies, I declined. It is not just because I do not want to stay out late - I can do that. It is not because I don't want to be with the younger crowd - I love that. It is because I stopped at the used book store today and bought several books. I just want to sit and relax and inhale a book tonight and maybe drink some fancy coffee.

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Buck Pennington said...

I've had the same "cold drugs" experience, Lou, and the same reaction. I didn't have to deal with a snotty pharmacist, tho. The clerk that checked my ID at Wally World's self-check-out lanes was more than sympathetic to my impromptu rant, in fact, she jumped right in, too. We must have been a sight...both of us ranting about the gub'mint at the same time.