Thursday, May 18, 2006


The local news ran a story on the Halliburton protestors last evening. Maybe 100 people showed up to protest at the Halliburton stockholder’s meeting. The KSWO news showed people standing behind a barrier with all sorts of signs. One lady was saying, " Halliburton serves dirty water to our soldiers!" One man was saying, "Our soldiers should not have to protect Halliburton employees!" Some voiced their irritation that the meeting had been held in Duncan rather than Houston (okay, Duncan is not nearly as exciting as the big city). One man, who seemed to be the ringleader, had written out some sort of "indictment" and wanted to "serve" it to the president of Halliburton. While the cameras were rolling, the ringleader and several protestors decided to cross the barrier and were arrested. – Big whoopie! Bail was set at $89.00 and they were released.

My husband, who attended a small part of the meeting, said that the protestors were obnoxious. He said they were rude and crude yelling nasty things. They were people full of anger and hate. Where do these protestors come up with these things? How do they choose where they will focus their anger? Why do they choose to believe crazy things? Don’t they have anything better to do with their lives? It is no wonder there were black helicopters circling over head. These people could be dangerous – certainly no peace found in them.

Speaking of "no peace", I got into a bit of a "throw down" over at another blog site. For those of you who have never taught in the public schools, a "throw down" is a term my students used when they got in a fight. It refers to throwing down what ever you are holding (books and stuff) and just going at it. Although I probably will not do it again (famous last words), I merely stated my opinion to someone who was questioning our presence in Iraq. Similar to the protestors, there is no talking to such people. They have a whole different take on life and history. As I argued with these people, I wondered, "Why do they choose to believe such odd things? Why do they choose to believe the worst in everything and everyone?" Next time, I think I will just read and support those who are fighting the good fight, but ignore those who are just stupid. (that last part was for you, Anny)

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inpassing said...

How true the statement about the protestors just being angry people...and angry about just anything. And no, they didn't have anything better to do because after the protest in Duncan, they were packing up to go to OKC to protest there on a completely unrelated issue. It appears they don't like much about the USA, perhaps they'd like it better living in another country?!?!