Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Big Barbeque

I was a little disappointed in the Halliburton picnic. I did not see any protestors. I did not see any terrorists. I did not see any Vice-Presidents. Most of the people were Duncanites, and I can see them at Wal-Mart any day of the week. Actually, there were a few interesting things. There were oodles of people at the barbeque whom I never see. I didn’t realize that so many people live in Duncan. Halliburton set up about six huge tents - football field length – to seat and feed all of the people. The emcee asked for all H. employees to stand. Of course everyone in the place stood up. Then he asked who had worked there less than ten years, 20 years, 30 years, etc. I was amazed how many people were standing after the 30-year mark. Even at 40 years there were still many standing. Then the emcee gave out an award to someone who had been there 50 years. How many Fortune 500 companies have that? For all of the people there, it still felt like a small hometown company. People who did not know each other visited and ate together. Maybe it is because they live in the same small town and yet have good livings and good retirement. Pretty amazing!

Something else that I thought was interesting. There are cops and security all over Duncan being very serious and professional. There were helicopters circling over head. White police suburbans lined the parking lot. Police cars filled the fair grounds parking lot where I am sure they headquartered. I thought the helicopters were particularly cool, but what were they really doing up there? What were they watching for, I wondered.

Later as I was driving home, I heard my cell phone ringing, but my purse was in the trunk of the car. I had not wanted to wag it around at the picnic and try to balance all of the food I was planning on eating. I had put my purse in the trunk for safekeeping (with all of that security I could have left it on the hood of the car). Anyway, I pulled over on the side of the highway, jumped out of the car, popped the trunk, and rummaged around in the trunk pulling out my cell phone. Then I had this crazy thought: This is what those helicopters are watching for – crazy women stopping on the highway. They might think I was getting my assault rifle out of the trunk or using my cell phone to detonate a bomb! I hustled back into the car and drove off. As I dialed a number and put my cell phone to my ear, I realized that I had forgotten my safety belt. Gosh! What was I thinking? With ten-gazillion cops in one small town, this could get me pulled over for sure. But nothing happened. I just have an overactive imagination.

Today is the stockholder's meeting. There are some groups who have permits to protest. It all seems silly to me. I guess there are some crazy folk out there whose perception of things is off. I guess they just use such events to get attention. Beware the helicopters are watching. Beware the Jabberwock.

I want to add that the trip to OK City to the art museum was the highlight of the day. My young ladies and one young man were beautiful and well behaved. They loved being at the art musuem. They all acted like it was a great treat. Eating at the fancy Museum Cafe was perfect. The best exhibit was called the Tempests which was ships and storms - very dramatic. Hmm, maybe I am a pretty simple girl - easily entertained. Life here in OK is good.


Buck Pennington said...

There were helicopters circling over head.

The legendary black helicopters? {big ol' grin}

Good report...I was especially impressed with the 30-40-50 year employee bits. One just doesn't see that a lot these days, and more's the pity. The companies I worked for after the AF hadn't existed that long themselves, let alone have any employees that had been with them for that long. But, the IT biz is a young industry; perhaps, as time moves on, there will be 40-year employees at Electronic Data Systems. But I kinda doubt it. Too much has changed...and not always for the better.

Bag Blog said...

lol! You've seen them too?!