Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tours of Fun

This morning I am taking my young art students to the OK City art museum. I have a several moms who have asked to go and some who will drive their big vehicles that can carry lots of folks. In all, it will be a group of about sixteen. Hopefully, we can have lunch in the Museum Café, which is very nice. If that does not work out, we will head over to Bricktown and enjoy the riverwalk. Bricktown is really a great place if you have not been to OK City lately. Maybe someday someone will take me to a Red Hawks baseball game (hint).

Saturday, we may head over to Altus, OK for the big air show at the base. The Thunderbirds are suppose to be there along with some other flying entertainment. Also, there will be tours through the base and its planes.

This evening, I am suppose to attend the Halliburton Barbeque with my husband. He says I have to dress up (for a barbeque?) which is being held at a big tent in the park. I told him I would be sure and wear a white shirt so that the bbq sauce that I will surely spill down the front of me will show up. That is just my way of protesting. It just seems silly to get all dressed up and slather yourself with bug spray at the same time. Actually, I am really looking forward to hob-nobbing with the big dogs. Who says Oklahoma is a dull place?

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Buck Pennington said...

Wow...your social calendar is crowded! I don't know which event interests me more...the Halliburton BBQ or the trip to OKC. Hangin' out with the Big Dogs is always fun, entertaining, and enlightening (my tongue is firmly in my cheek where "enlightening" is concerned), but the art trip will likely be more rewarding. Waiting for the after-action reports with baited breath.