Monday, May 15, 2006


My post yesterday was done in a hurry. I had dropped by at Buck’s and had seen his Mother’s Day post – a painting by Mary Cassatt, which I loved. It just reminded me of Major K’s post last year at this time. Then, my husband asked if I wanted to go to Wal Mart with him to get my Mother’s Day present. I thought that if I wanted a present, I had better go. Jesse went with us, of course. Wal-Mart on a Sunday is not such a bad thing. My M-Day present turned out to be a bb gun. Since Jesse had told me that she had been wanting to buy me one for my birthday (she bought me a purse instead), this was no big surprise. Every girl needs a bb gun. Last night we played with it and got really silly. We all took turns shooting it and then trying some trick like "over the shoulder" shooting or "under the leg". Then we got sillier deciding on where to hang it. Toby and Jesse would hold it up over the door way or on the wall in the living room and ask, "How does this look?" as if it were some special gun. Too bad I don’t have a mantel.

I should probably tell you that the bb gun was not the only gift I got. On Friday night, I had a double date with Toby and another couple. We went to the late viewing of Mission Impossible III. It was an enjoyable movie, but staying up until midnight was hard on this rancher wife. I had to get up early and head over to WF to meet with the WFHS class reunion committee. The committee got lots done, but it took all day. I did not get to go kayaking with my family. They went out to the lake and stayed until dark. That’s okay – I was very productive while they were gone.

For those of you who do not know, Duncan, OK, is home of Halliburton. This week Duncan is hosting the big stockholder’s meeting, which is normally held in Houston. The big dogs are coming to town. The town is expecting a wave of protesters. Everyone is gearing up. I will not go to the meeting, but I will get to go to the big barbeque (Toby has to wear his "girl britches" - what kind of barbeque is that?). The ladies at my aerobics class had a discussion on why there would be protesters. None of us had a good answer. Someone thought they were protesting oil prices – but why would they do that when Halliburton is a service company not an oil company and has nothing to do with oil prices. Someone thought it was because of the V-president – but why? – he is no longer part of Halliburton. Halliburton has been gone over with a fine-tooth comb and come out clean. Maybe they protest Halliburton because it owns the subsidiary, KBR who help our military – but why? I just figure that if there are people crazy enough to protest homosexuality in America by disturbing military funerals, there are just bunches of crazy people who have nothing better to do in life. As my friend Anny always said, "Why that is just stupid!" It should make for an interesting week.

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