Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day. My mom went off to FTW to a soccer tournament wit my sister and her family. We all had our usual contest of trying to call her first this morning. I called second.

It was this time last year that Major K posted a great picture of himself with some sweet words on Mothers Day. My comment on his blog was, "Is there any more like you at home; I happen to have this daughter...." He answered me on his next blog with, "As a matter of fact..." and he posted a picture of Lt. C. Since he was so kind as to answer, I felt I would send a picture of my daughter which I emailed to him personally. Lt. C wrote back and said he would like to write to Jes. At first Jes was worried (Mom, what are you thinking?). Long story short - Lt. C and Jes wrote for the rest of his deployment. Lt. C was a man of few words, but he answered each email. Although he promised to write when he returned and made mention of hoping to meet her someday, he has been home since Feb. and has not written, which is fine. Jesse is good with that because she just likes the communicating and supporting our military (it is one thing to write to a soldier; it is another thing to have them on her doorstep). Soldiers Angels has been handy giving us soldiers to write to and support. I am thankful to our soldiers and all that they do and sacrifice. I am thankful to the moms out there who raised such fine young people.

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