Friday, June 30, 2006

Fast Cars

We were discussing fast cars the other day - Camaros and such. This Cobra is being rebuilt by the Riggins boys in La Veta, CO. Jesse and her buddy, Lindsay, love to visit the Riggins who have four boys - not because they have boys, but because the boys have motorcycles and cars. They take the girls rock climbing and canoeing and hiking and skiing. In this picture, Joel is taking Jesse for a spin in the Cobra. Lindsay and another Riggins boy followed in a 280Z - just in case of breakdowns and to switch out passengers from time to time. I love the look on Jesse's face. It reminds me of when she was a little girl and we played hide-n-seek. She would get too excited and squeal long before we found her. I think she was pretty excited about riding in the Cobra. The downside of the ride is that she burned her leg pretty seriously on the side exhausts. When Jesse and Lindsay visit the Riggins, I don't always want to hear the "whole story". I just have to trust that the Riggins Boys will take good care of my baby.


Buck Pennington said...

I think I'd squeal, too, if that thing was a real Shelby. But I think it's a kit car, right, Lou?

If it's real, those Riggins Boys sure have expensive toys!

Sorry about Jesse's leg. Those side exhausts can be mean.

Bag Blog said...

You are right, Buck. I asked Jesse, and it is a kit car. Still, it is pretty cool.