Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Helicopter Ride

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jesse's boss was part of putting an new transmitter for a radio station on a mountain top near Quartz Mountain, OK. If you have never been to Quartz Mountain, it is a beautiful, interesting place. Oklahoma has all sorts of state parks, and this is one of them. It has a wonderful lodge and conference center. It is also used as an arts center. The mountains are not all that big (as mountains go), but they are full of huge boulders making hiking and climbing difficult (or fun, depending on you outlook). Notice the lake in the background and the boulders. The transmitter had to be placed at the top of the mountain, but due to the tower and guide wires, the helicopter had to land a little further away. You might also notice that Jesse's hair is blowing in the wind making it look wild. She was surprised by the wind the helicopter kicked up. Jesse took some great video of the helicopter bringing the transmitter and other large objects to the site. She also took some great photos of the area - both from the ground and from the helicopter. When she arrived at the resort on Sunday, she did some hiking around the lake. It really is very beautiful. You know Jesse - she was in the helicopter as much as possible. In fact, I asked her if she just buckled herself in to a seat and refused to budge. She answered, "Yeah, pretty much". She even flew with the pilot back to the Altus airport to refuel. She said that she may like the helicopter flying better than planes. The use of the helicopter was expensive, so it was only used for part of the day. Mules were used to get the electricians, technitians, workers, and tools back down. Jesse said she wanted to stay and ride the mules down, but she couldn't do it all.

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