Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Girl Talk

I bought a sports bra at Wal-Mart the other day. For those of you who do not want to hear about it, close your eyes. Thinking that with all my new sports mindedness (golf, aerobics, volleyball), I needed one. I happened to be on the phone with my little sister (miracles of technology) while I was shopping for the bra. The bra I picked out hooked up the front and said "low performance", but my sister said, "Why bother? You might as well get a regular bra." So I continued to shop looking for "high performance." It seems that the higher performance bras do not have hooks at all. Hmm, well, whatever. I really hate trying on clothes at Wal-Mart, and they have a good return policy. So, I bought the bra untried. It was probably a good thing. I won’t gross you out with details, but it was one serious wrestling match – that bra and me. I went in through the bottom, but it got me in a hold and wouldn’t let go. There I was at the house alone with my arms caught up over my head. It reminded me of the time I got a dress stuck on my upper body while at McClurkans. Jesse had to help me get out of that mess, but it took a while because she had to stop and laugh every few minutes. Those dressing rooms can be stifling when you have a dress over your head and you are laughing hysterically. It also reminded me of getting my bra hung up on the saddle horn while trying to dismount. My son was no help, but I had a good horse. Anyway, I stood in front of the mirror wondering what to do. It would be really funny except there was no one around to laugh with me (thank God). I rolled around on the bed and fought for a while eventually getting the bra into the correct position. I guess you could say that I won the wrestling match, but the hold that bra still had on me was something fierce. It made me wonder how and why women wore corsets in the other centuries. It also reminded me of when I was ten years old and my grandmother bought and made me wear a girdle (probably because she could not find a corset). I was horrified then and horrified now. There is just something wrong with this whole sports bra thing. All I can say is that it better improve my golf game.


Becky said...

I've found that most sports bras aren't worth the money I pay for them. I've tried several different ones and none of them are just right. The main thing is that since there are no hooks, once the elastic starts to stretch, you pretty much have to just chunk them.

A while back, Oprah had a sports bra featured on her show. She really recommended it, but it was like $70. Way out of this single mom's budget.

Laurie said...

LOL! Oh, gosh, this reminds me of the first time I discovered it was time for the next size up. I was aware that the bra just wasn't right anymore, but I couldn't pinpoint why.... then I started to notice when sitting especially and turning my body, my body would turn while the bra stayed in the same place. Ding, the light finally went on. But it was an extremely busy time of year, leading up to Christmas, and I had choir practice several times a week among other things. But I had this dark blue colored bra that was bigger so I was wearing that until I could find time to find a new one. Problem was.... for choir, we were going to be required to wear a white blouse for the performance.... When I realized that and told my friend about it she said if I wore that blue bra under a white blouse she would NOT stand next to me in the choir. LOL! Needless to say, I found time to go shopping for a new one.

Buck Pennington said...

::pokes nose in where he DEFINITELY doesn't belong::

All I can say is that it better improve my golf game.

You mean after all that you actually KEPT that thing?