Monday, August 14, 2006

New Day

Today is Jesse’s first day as a drafter for Halliburton. She has worked lots of little jobs here and there, but this is the real thing – full time with benefits and vacation. As I write, she is hogging the bathroom getting all gussied up. It makes me think two things: one, she is all grown up, two: we need another bathroom. You may think that I am making a big deal of her first job, well, I am. It goes back to that homeschool thing that I will blog about some day soon. I just have to decide how much of myself I want to reveal. I took this picture as she left (notice the new lunch box - she called it "nerdy").

I am going to WF today to see Mom. She is planning a trip to the mountains later this week with some of her buddies. This is great. I love it that she is doing more and more on her own. Mom has always been a sharp lady – classy and smart. The four years of staying home to take care of Dad were good – she did a great job, but it became a way of life. It is often difficult for a person to break out of the rut and start life anew. Even today, I find it odd that I am going to have lunch with Mom, maybe shop, and do whatever we want to do. After years of planning our life around Dad, it is just very different to be so free. I am looking forward to my day with her.

There are other things I want to write today, but not right now – gotta get movin.


Buck Pennington said...

Congrats to Jesse! She'll always remember that first "real"'s a red-letter day!

Great picture, too, Lou. Judging from the angle of the sun, I'd say Jesse was out the door pretty early.

Have fun in WF!

Kat said...

LOL - my husband bought me that exact same "nerdy" lunchbox when I started my new job three months ago, LOL! Best of luck to her!