Thursday, August 24, 2006

Taking a Break

It is time to break from all that serious homeschool stuff. I thought I would put my hammer away and quit pounding it. Yesterday, I went to lunch with my friend Sherry. She is the mother of one of Jesse's best friends. It was nice to just sit and visit (and eat out). This summer with my high school reunion and family reunion, I have felt way too busy. It is taking me awhile to get my life back - make some needed changes. Having lunch with good friends is a great way to relax and be normal.

Jesse update:
People have been asking how Jesse likes her new job. Well, she is loving it. She thinks the people she works with are all very friendly. They play card games at lunch. She was invited to dinner by one lady. Things are just going great. She will eventually have her own cubicle and computer, but not yet. She is looking forward to decorating her cube with pictures of her friends. She said everyone else has family pictures - most of the people in her dept. are married.

I ran into Jesse's old boss from the frameshop/art gallery. Janice is missing Jesse - bigtime. She said that Jesse was very talented and smart and could do anything (I knew that). She also said that Jesse was very innocent. I knew that too, but it was interesting to hear it from someone else. While Sherry and I were having lunch we discussed our daughters and their innocence (both were homeschooled). Our girls often seem much younger than they actually are. They dress modestly, but stylishly. They are lots of fun, but there is just a mark difference in their public behavior compared to some girls their age. While they are not ignorant, there is an innocence about them. Here is an example of Jesse's innocence:

We went to Lawton last Friday to run some errands and eat at our favorite Mexican food joint. It was packed on a Friday night. We ordered margaritas while waiting on our table. Jesse was very animated telling us about her new job. She was laughing and her eyes were dancing. She had no idea how charming she looked. When our waiter brought sopapillas, I said, "Wow, he knew just what we wanted." Normally, you have to ask for sopapillas, and we had not done so. Then before we left, he came back to our table and handed Jesse a to-go box full of sopapillas (totally unheard of). Toby and I started laughing, and I said, "Thanks Jes!" She said, "What? I didn't do anything. They probably just had a surplus of sopapillas in the kitchen." And she was serious. Toby and I just laughed harder.

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