Monday, September 11, 2006


We celebrated this weekend by cooking steaks on the grill. We boiled shrimp, potatoes and corn. For dessert, I cooked brownies to have with our ice cream. My son’s in-laws (our good friends) came and added to the celebration. We celebrated two things. First, my son got a promotion and a raise. He works for the OK Dept. of Environmental Quality. And what does a cowboy geek with a Masters in Ag Economics do for the DEQ? I am not sure, but it was a great excuse for a party. The promotion and raise were timely since my son and his wife are expecting my second grandbaby. This leads us to the second reason to celebrate. We found out that the second GB will be (drum roll)… a Girl! So the Grand Baby will have a baby sister in January. Life should get even more exciting, because things are never dull around GBN1.

It rained a little on Sunday after church. The sun came out late in the afternoon so that I could take GBN1 outside to see the kittens, dogs, horses, and whatever else she wanted to do. She likes to walk out to the cement slab where the barn will eventually be. There were several puddles of rainwater (about a half an inch deep) on the slab. If you have ever been around kids, you know what happened next. GBN1 splatted her way through all of the puddles. It seemed harmless enough to me, but then she laid down in the puddles before I could stop her. I did manage to stop her when she imitated the dog getting a drink from the puddles. I ended up taking her clothes off (except for the diaper and tennis shoes) and letting her have her way in the puddles. Toby eventually joined us in our splashing and fun. I was a little worried that her parents would not be pleased with us, but it was just too much fun. Her mom came out with the camera and took a couple of pictures. If she was displeased with us, she hid it well. I would like to post a picture of GBN1 in her soggy diaper playing in the puddles, but maybe that is not a good idea in this day and age. I will post one picture of GBN1 with her clothes still on.

It was a good celebration with friends and family. It was a Grand weekend.


Buck said...

What a cutie! And congrats to all on GBN2...

TSMP taught SN3 to stomp in puddles right from the git-go, as in as soon as he could walk. As if he needed teaching...perhaps I should say she aided and abetted his behavior. I have several pics of the boy in various puddles, and he's just having the time of his life!

inpassing said...

OMG...look how "big" she is!!! How did that happen??? Well, here's to another little girl (clinking of raised glasses)!!!