Friday, September 08, 2006


Yesterday was a great day for art. Starting at 1:30, I had art students here. The last one left at 5:00. I got dinner on the table, and by 6:00 the second wave of art students showed up. Since my first small painting of the week did not work out, I had plenty of time to work on another small painting with the second wave. The downside of being so busy with art is that I did not get to play on the computer and kick back, but it was still a good day. Thursday art is just my favorite.

Somewhere in my busy day yesteday, I spoke with my mom. I am headed over to WF to spend some time with her today. She has some things for me to do - errands and such. Last week she came to Duncan, had lunch with me and the Grand Baby. Oh yeah, the rest of the family was there too, but it is the Grand Baby that lights up life and keeps us entertained. Speaking of grandbaby, my son and daughter-in-law had a sonogram on Tuesday. They now know what the next Grand Baby will be, but they aren't saying yet. They want to keep their secret for a little while. I plan on working them over if they don't fess up soon enough.

While downloading the picture of my painting from the camera, I was able to look at pictures of Jesse's weekend at Grand Lake. I stole one to post. Here is Jess in her kayak with a friend's poodle (notice the lifejacket). We don't have a poodle, although I would like to have a pink one. Toby says that poodles are not farm dogs, so he got me a rat terrier. I do love my rat. Enjoy the picture and the weekend.


semitough said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I appreciate your comment. The "A&M thing" is very cool. I'm not an Aggie myself, but married one. Love your art. And the poodle in the lifejacket is a hoot! :-D

Buck said...

"Rat" was the first thing that came to MY mind when looking at the photo. As in "drowned..."