Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Expert

Jesse came home last night from work telling us exciting stories of being in "the lab". The lab is actually a huge building where Halliburton does all sorts of things including testing parts that are made by Halliburton. Since Jesse gets to work on the design of the parts, she will sometimes get to check out the way things are used and the testing of the parts. She had to buy steel-toed boots and safety glasses to go out into the field. She also has to wear a hard hat. Her coworker, Heather, went with her to the lab. Heather is similar to Jesse in size and looks. Both are cute, young, single women. Jesse was amazed at how friendly all of the men were. She said the men were all very informative telling how things worked, telling past stories of tests, and showing the girls around. The men even shared their lunch with the girls. The girls went out to "the rig" where tests are done on an actually drilling rig. More men – more attention – more info. Jes had a great time.

During conversation last night, Toby mentioned that our stand-up fan had quit working. I asked Jesse if she had dropped it or knew why it was not working. Her response was negative to both questions. Then she said, "Did you plug it in?" When Toby and I gave her the "do you think we are stupid" look, she got tickled. In her typical facetious way she said, "Go ahead, ask me anything. I am an expert now on parts and how they work."


Dale Rowland said...

You go Jesse! When I worked as a Biomedical Equipment Tech, I don't know how many times we would be called to the floor for a broken piece of equipment only to find that the fix was to plug it in or turn the switch on for the user. It was also fun to watch the new technicians come fresh out of school and see how deep they go into a piece of equipment before they realize the switch was left in the OFF position or the unit was not plugged in. Sometimes we're just to smart for our own good!

Becky said...

In the Navy, where I was an electronics technician, we had a saying,

"Turn the o-n/o-f-f switch to the o-n position."